5 Ways of Spicing Up Your eLearning Narration

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“In creating eLearning,I face a challenge that the majority of users do not face. I have to listen to the same audio again, and again, and again, and again while I edit and build different sections of my modules. This is fine. In fact, its an expected part of the process. However, I do notice that there are times where I begin to go to sleep almost immediately. Yeah, that could be a compliment or maybe its not. There are some Barry White-style voices that are soothing and relaxing. But likewise, there are some voices that, while reading, can become almost monotone. Once I have heard these voices a screen or two, I almost begin to tune out. Worse than that, if I am watching a module where not much else is happening on the screen or I am not interacting with the module in any way, I am forced to listen to the voice. So what do I do? Zone out…go to sleep….daydream.


OK. So, now it’s time to put yourself in the seat of the learner. Get rid of the ego for a moment. Yeah, I know you put your blood, sweat and tears into this thing and it’s hard to hear criticism, but listen for a moment. Don’t worry. I have to pay attention to this myself so I’m not preaching at you. But, put yourself in the learner’s chair for a moment. What would you want to hear? What would keep you interested? What would keep you awake? Some of us have the liberty of hiring professional voice talent while others are forced to cost cut and do certain things themselves. Just because the word “professional” is before the name does not always mean the voiceover artists don’t need feedback either. So there are some basic things that can be done to help bring a little more life to your elearning.”

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