4 Must-Have Apps Every College Student Needs in their Phone

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There are tons of apps out there geared toward students. But, not all of them offer exactly the support that students need most. When it comes to academic life, function is often much more important than looks and perks, and way too many apps neglect the basic things students really need. Because most of us don’t have the time to download every academic app and see which work best, I’ve collected some of the apps that have seemed to stand the test of time and have also received rave review from students across the world. Here are some top apps for college students that will always be worth the download:
1. Evernote
For students looking for an app that will help them take and organize notes, this is by far one of the best. Students can sync Evernote to their mobile devices and personal computers and take notes from anywhere. It helps organize current thought processes and find old notes quickly and easily. It also records audio notes and includes tons of features designed especially for students. Check it out for free here.
2. Diigo
We all love being able to access study materials, textbooks, academic articles, and all other research materials in an online format. The only problem is it makes it harder to physically take notes, highlight and organize our research materials. This is where Diigo comes in handy. Users can read and highlight within text and image files, so it makes it easier to take notes in the same way as you would with physical documents. It’s also great for organizing and sharing resources. Try it here.
3. Wikipanion
This is an absolute must for any college student who does a good amount of writing and researching. This app brings Wikipedia straight to your mobile device and is specifically designed to streamline access on a mobile. Students have access to open source information on the go and it’s really handy to use during class. Download the free app here.
4. Rate My Professors
Whether you need info on a current professor or would like to check out your options for future courses, the first place to go is RateMyProfessor. Designed for both Android an iPhone devices, this app allows students to have access to information about any professor in the database while on the go. Perfect for quick searches during course registration. Try it out here.

Caroline Ross is a former educator who writes for www.accreditedonlineuniversities.com. She is an avid reader and advocate for global education and equality. Please submit any comments or feedback in the section below!

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