21 Signs you are a 21st Century Teacher

21 signs

Teaching in the 21st century is definitely not an easy task. Students are digitally focused and have more free access to information challenging thus the traditional prototypic picture  of the teacher as the knowledge instigator. Engagement is also another serious issue that makes educating such kind of students a real nightmare. It takes so much creativity, originality, and novelty from the part of teachers to get students motivated and engaged.
Technology has the cure but  this  cure can not be effective unless teachers know how to use its prescription. Teachers need to acquire certain digital skills that are detrimental to the success of their instruction and without which no learning objectives could be cultivated. These skills are not hard to get and the 33 digital skills list has even made it way easier for any educator to go through the skills kit and check what they have and what they are missing.
Full Text: The 21 Signs you are A 21st Century Teacher.

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