11 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Blog’s Credibility

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If we invest a lot of time and energy in our blog, it’s important to do the right things to attract visitors and to keep them more than five seconds on it. Here some great advices to ameliorate, if necessary, the situation. [note Martin Gysler]   Here’s the situation: Your buddy sends you a link to check out, you get to the blog post and after glancing at the layout you immediately question the validity of the blog (and your friend). On occasion I have left a post thinking it was created by some autoblogging process, and then realized it only looked that way and was actually written by a human.
Text ads out of control, color combinations that hurt to look at, no social sharing links (or TOO many!) and images that barely have any connection to the text.   These mistakes can make a visitor run for the proverbial hills. A visitor to your blog is making a decision about your worth within a few seconds, sometimes nanoseconds.   Find out whether you’re making simple but crucial mistakes that turn readers away…
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