10 Tips for Getting More Followers in Twitter

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No one likes to tweet and have no one to tweet to. So how do you get more followers?

Here are 10 of our tips


  1. Have some thing to say
    that your followers will want to hear. This does not matter whether you are tweeting about eLearning, fishing or shopping.
  2. Put up a picture of yourself,
    an avatar or your company logo. Don’t leave just the default Twitter image. Accounts with images in the bio are more likely to get followers.
  3. Customise your twitter design.
    This shows you are enough about your account to put something of yourself into it.
  4. Add your bio,
    so people know something about you before they decide to follow you.
  5. Don’t just tweet about you,
    tweet about the things you read, give URLs, retweet others. 10 to 1 seems about right to me. 10 tweets about someone/something else to 1 about you and your work.
  6. Follow other people.
    You have to be a super star to get lots of followers and not follow anyone.
    I use Tweet Adder (affiliate link) an automated twitter management system to help me do things like
    – finding people to follow (search by keyword, location, hashtag, mentioning a user, language and more
    – following people back, but I do scan these and remove the obvious spammers/scammers
    Tweet Adder (affiliate link) does a lot of other stuff as well, but this post if about getting more followers 🙂
    BTW I never recommend stuff I think is rubbish, that’s just plain unethical.
  7. Thank your followers
    but don’t use an automated message; this just sucks and says “I can’t be bothered”. I really like it when someone I’ve recently followed has gone to the bother of looking up may account info and says something personal to me. This can of course be difficult to sustain if you have lots of followers so don’t expect this back from everyone you follow.
  8. Follow Friday
    is one way to acknowledge any great people you follow. If you tweet interesting stuff, people might #FF your id.
  9. Follow people back,
    but only if they are in your domain of interest. Some folks just follow people in the hopes of getting a follow back and may not be of interest to you.
  10. Engage with your followers.
    One of the people I follow is @chrisbrogan (pragmatic down to earth social marketing guru). Now Chris currently has 153000+ followers. So you can imagine he doesn’t read everything that his followers tweet. Yet when I was doing a Twitter workshop last year he was one of the people who replied to my “Pls tweet me I’m doing a workshop”. I was blown away.

I’m doing a free “Tweaking Twitter for Tweachers” webinar next Friday (17 Sep 2010 7PM NZST). Feel free to drop by.

So what do you do to get more followers? What works for you?

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