Wikis as a Tool for Tertiary Education

By now probably everyone in academia has at least looked at a wiki, by nature of the fact that Wikipedia tends to turn up at the top of any Google search. But how can they be used in tertiary education?

Before we can answer that question it’s important to understand exactly what a wiki is. Have a look at this video:

OK so our students aren’t necessarily going to be preparing a camping trip but how could they use one?

  • Students work together to brainstorm, research, plan and write up a project.
  • Build a site to be shared with others on any project.
  • Use one for the Students Union.
  • Take notes for class.
  • Have a class wiki for students to ask questions.
  • Writing practice for those learning a new language. Invite others to comment.
  • Collaboratively create revision material.
  • Write a multi-authored book.
  • Create a list of useful resources for an assignment.
  • Present different solutions to a case study.
  • Write up different views of a field trip.
  • Wine Tasting Comparisons.

Are you using a wiki? Tell us how you use it and what students think.

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