Where are the new online learning markets?

Broad band subscriptions reached 508,761,837 in the third quarter of 2010, according to figures prepared by Point Topic (http://www.point-topic.com) and announced today by the Broadband Forum in its Global Broadband and IPTV Industry Update. Over 14.3 million lines were added in the third quarter alone. For those of us in eLearning this of course means there are more connected people out there who could potentially be our future online students.

Regional Growth

The biggest growth areas are in Asia, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Middle East, Africa, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa. So if you are looking for new online markets, these are the regions to concentrate on.

Technology Overview

Whilst DSL remains the dominant broadband technology worldwide IPTV subscribers are growing with 36.7% growth in the last 12 months (11.256 million net adds). “The number of markets and operators offering IPTV is increasing as high speed broadband spreads around the world,” says John Bosnell, Senior Analyst at Point Topic. “With TV being increasingly routed over IP networks, the broadband connection is becoming an increasingly significant channel for video delivery.” Perhaps we will see education on demand being developed for TV?


So what do you think? Where will your institution’s push be for the next 5 years?

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