What's needed from eLearning support systems?


What do your teachers and students really need from systems supporting blended and e-learning?
On Monday, Im headed to New Orleans for the BBWorld DevCon. This is Blackboards annual conference for partners and developers on their various information systems that proceeds the LMS giants user conference, BBWorld. I was originally scheduled to give the keynote, but then Blackboard went and bought Moodlerooms and Sakai, shocking just about everyone involved in the e-learning space. Not surprisingly, my keynote slot is now going to be a roundtable with executives from all of the companies.
However, this got me thinking. The average school technologist, let alone the average teacher or administrator, has a lot to wade through in terms of selecting systems that support blended learning initiatives. Sure, most principals know that their school needs a platform where students and teachers can share information, assignments are readily accessible, and teachers can curate resources for students. But if the Blackboard-Moodlerooms-Sakai deal was suprising and confusing to those of us who follow this for a living, how can educators be expected to sort out a much larger market?
Full Text: LMS? SIS? SIF? LTI? Alphabet soup and blended learning | ZDNet.

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