VLearning, a New Direction for eLearning Challenges

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VLearning, a New Direction for eLearning Challenges

Andrea Tick

Applied Computational Intelligence in Engineering and Information Technology

Topics in Intelligent Engineering and Informatics, 2012, Volume 1, 163-174,


In the information society the exponentially growing knowledge means a serious challenge to all the participants in the teaching-learning process. The methodology of education and its technical background have developed and improved drastically, which after the proliferation of the information technology and the internet got a new spur. It has been especially true since the wider and wider spreading of the web 2.0 and the 3D based virtual environments. Compared to former eLearning solutions this new virtual learning environment based on 3D information technology encourages more vividly the improvement of the efficiency of the learning management systems, the intaking of a wider scope of students in the learning process and fosters study motivation slightly subconsciously. This chapter outlines the development of this technology starting from eLearning to vLearning, as well as analyzes the most significant components of the mentioned technology, with the use of which education strives to make pace with the challenges of the present era.

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