Vizigy eLearning Technologies Announces Release of Its eLearning Platform Publisher API –

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Vizigy, Inc. announced the release of its eLearning Platform Publisher API. The Platform Publisher API enables companies and content publishing partners to directly publish and upload instructional videos directly from approved video editing and creation software applications and then include those videos into courses available to their registered students.

The API is designed specifically for video application developers and suppliers to create a seamless link between their video editing or management system and the Vizigy eLearning platform. This allows the users of their software or service to save their finished videos onto the Vizigy eLearning platform. Those users can then use the Vizigy system to create and deliver instructional courses based on their videos.

To use the Vizigy Platform Publisher API, a video application developer or content publisher first applies for and becomes a Vizigy Authorized Publisher. Then the To use the Vizigy Publisher API, the Authorized Publisher submits its Vizigy credentials as well as those of their users on whose behalf it is publishing content. This starts a Publishing Job on the Vizigy cloud and further processes the video to make it available across multiple platforms, secure and available for adaptive bit-rate delivery via the Vizigy platform. The post processing ensures that the video can be delivered securely and across a variety of different Internet connection speeds.

According to Vizigy CEO, Randy Whiting, “By enabling 3rd party video editing and content authoring applications to move completed videos into an eLearning delivery system, companies and content authors can reduce the time and effort it takes to delivering their content to users and customers.”

Summary of API Process
A Publisher requests a publishing job authorization through the API. In making the request, the Publisher submits the Publisher’s authentication information as well as the authentication information for the Vizigy Course Creator. Provided the Publisher is Authorized and the Course Creator is authorized to publish content and has registered Publisher as one of its publishing sources, the Vizigy API will return the information necessary for Publisher to upload the Course Creator’s content to an Amazon s3 Bucket designated for the uploading of content for that Course Creator. Upon a successful request, Vizigy eLearning system will open a job and await updating of the job status by Publisher. Once Publisher has completed publishing the content, Publisher updates the job status through the Vizigy Publisher API. The Vizigy eLearning Platform Publisher API utilizes name value pairs, posted through a secure https connection to the Vizigy API server to a) Open a publishing job; and b) Update the status of the job


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