Unifi wins at CES [Video]

RealNetworks®, Inc. (Nasdaq: RNWK), the digital entertainment services company, today announced that the company’s new Unifi™ cloud service has won a CNET “Best of CES” award. Unifi, a new personal media cloud service previewed at CES, was judged by the editors at CNET (www.cnet.com) as the best Software, Services and Applications product at the show.


Unifi solves one of the escalating problems of the digital age: how to keep track of the thousands of photos, music tracks and videos stored on multiple devices and online services so users can easily find and enjoy them. Unifi catalogues and organizes this content into a single digital library accessible from any Internet-connected device. The library allows users to easily find, access and enjoy what they want – by media type, by device or through tags.
So how could this be used in education? Well I could see a scenario where a school wants to share media resources across classrooms or similarly for department lecturers. It will all depend on cost of course, so lets hope they have an education pricing option. It will also be hard to compete with Google which provides a free service for education where you can share any file not just media.

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