Top 8 Reasons Why Training Providers Are Adopting eLearning

More and more businesses are using eLearning as a way to provide professional development for their staff. Amit Gautam outlines eight top reasons why training providers are now moving into the eLearning space.

eightClient Demand
The provider’s clients have started demanding eLearning solutions (and training providers want to retain them). This is a pure survival and growth reason. Undoubtedly, in the current economic situation there is a BIG push for training companies to move towards eLearning.
Cost of Training Delivery
To reduce cost of delivery for training companies and their clients. This is mentioned universally and has come into focus even more due to the recession where budgetary constraints (especially on travel) have impacted the off-take of classroom training in big way.
Increase flexibility of access (anytime, anywhere). Most training companies mention it’s becoming difficult to pull employees out of their jobs for 2-5 day instructor-led sessions. With managers forced to do more with less people (several organizations have retrenched people) letting anyone off for even a day can become difficult.
Increase delivery options
Blended learning options to cater to the unique requirements of different clients. Some want more eLearning and some want less of it, others want mobile learning. This helps training providers reach client companies who otherwise had not been able to afford their classroom training – opening up a new stream of business.
Improve efficiency
Improve efficiency & effectiveness of instructor led training with technology enabled components. Adding pre-workshop eLearning modules, post-workshop eLearning sessions (can be synchronous), mobile learning components for follow-ups that help increase retention. Using technology such as ARS (Audience Response Systems) in classrooms & providing collaborative environments can create learning opportunities for users. As training providers, they want to make their courses the ‘best in class’ using technology enabled learning affords them that opportunity.
Learning Management
Making management of reporting easier and be able to check off some important checkboxes (guess more relevant to compliance type training). As the paradigm shifts, Learning Management Systems will change and focus would be on truly managing learning and not just checkbox compliance.
It is better now
ELearning has improved since the time they last considered it. There is NO doubt about this; eLearning has come a long way. The addition of games, simulations, mobile based learning, social learning frameworks, collaborative tools and much more has come to instructional technology.  Rather than simple page-turners the industry is slowly turning to provide instructional experiences, both interactive and online.
Am I late
Don’t want to miss the boat. Well none of our prospects said this but it seems to be the overriding feeling amongst training providers. All of them realize that the days of classroom-training only are limited and they’d better start now.

Amit Gautam is Founder & Director of Content Solutions – Upside Learning – a leading provider of award winning learning solutions to the global market. He has more than 14 years of professional experience with the last 9 years in eLearning.

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