Ten Ideas for Teaching Teachers Technology

Monique Flickinger

I had never been to an “unconference” before, but when I heard the organizer of SocialEdCon Unconference introduce the event, I knew I was in for something new:
“Write your ideas that you want to discuss on the top of the poster board. Each of you can look at all of the ideas and put check marks beside the ones that interest you, and then that will drive the topics that we discuss today.”
I leaned over to my husband, Brad Flickinger, an “unconference expert,” and whispered that I’d love to learn more about educating teachers about technology. He told me to go up and write it down. Fifteen minutes later after the milling crowds of educators thinned out from around the poster boards, I saw my idea surrounded by checkmarks. The organizer announced that Teaching Teachers about Technology would begin in five minutes on the right side of the room, and could the person who wrote the idea down please moderate and share at that session.
I gulped!
I was here to learn from others — not lead a session — but I jumped into the deep end of the pool of unconferencing.
[Read on for the great tips Monique Flickinger shared and gained from her first unconference experience]
Full Text: Ten Ideas for Teaching Teachers Technology | Edutopia.

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