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Using Video to Welcome Online Students (and Establish Your Online Presence!)

YouTube video Brandweer Nederweert
Are you looking for ways to engage your online students as the course begins?  Have you thought about recording a short video introduction to the course, your expectations, and our new Desire2Learn Learning Environment?
These days I have been learning — metacognitively speaking, especially — about good and bad practices in online teaching as I work on my Online Teaching Certificate from The Sloan Consortium.  This is now Week 2 of a nine-week foundations course, and I am excited to share with you one nugget of knowledge about an instructor’s presence in an online course.  Our course facilitator has been sharing her expectations and introducing the course topics via a weekly video.  The videos, so far, have been easy to watch, highly engaging, and quite instrumental in projecting a strong online presence.
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Five-Minute Film Festival: Poetry Month

For some people, the thought of poetry makes their blood pump faster with passion, while for others, it conjures up stereotypes of disaffected beat writers. But there’s no doubt that when taught well, poetry can get kids excited about reading, writing, performing, and finding their voice. As we near the end of April, National Poetry Month, I’ve put together a selection of videos about the power of poetry for young people — in the classroom and beyond.

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TED-ED a new Online Learning Platform

TED, the non-profit organization famous for “Ideas Worth Spreading,”  launched a new online learning platform today as part of its new  TED-Ed education initiative (http://ed.ted.com).
Back in March, TED launched a YouTube Channel channel dedicated to educational videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDEducation).
The new education platform launched today, TED-Ed features a suite of tools that allow teachers to create their own lessons based on TED videos or any video found on YouTube.
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How to convert plans and procedures to video and eLearning


Get rid of written content that no one reads or takes too long to reference and understand. Convert your message to a more dynamic and relevant format such as video or online eLearning, without spending a fortune. Read on if you want to update your plans and procedures or better communicate your message with suppliers, partners, staff, customers, and other stakeholders.
By the end of this article you will have a strategy and solution to converting old documents, plans and procedures to dynamic, content rich and informative videos to be used in isolation or as part of an eLearning suite.
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