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E-Learning Symposium 2013 Houston

6th to 7th February 2013
Houston, United States of America
Come join us at E-Learning Symposium 2013 Houston. E-Learning Symposium is Texas’ premier conference designed to help learning professionals and key decision makers learn how to design and execute awesome learning programs.
– What Makes Good Public Facing Training, Linda Warren, MicroAssist
– From Storytelling to Immersive Simulation, Debbie Richards, Cre8ive
– Trainers as Curators of Ideas: A New Metaphor for the Digital Age, Corinne Weisgerber, St. Edwards University
– Crossing the Generational Divide: Unlocking the Power of Generations for Your Strategic Advantage, Curt Steinhorst,
– Panel Discussion: Aligning E-Learning Strategy with Business Strategy, Madhuri Kumar, GE Oil and Gas
Guide to Recording Great Audio for your E-Learning and Podcasts, Alex Turkovic, BigCommerce
Articulate StoryLine, Kevin Gumienny, Texas Engineering Extension Service’s Infrastructure Training and Safety Institute
Accessibility and E-Learning, Jillian McCarthy
Mobile Learning Design, RJ Jacquez, Mobile Learning Evangelist
Web address: http://els.elearningcouncil.com
Enquiries: info@elearningcouncil.com
Sponsored by: E-Learning Council

8 Nations Leading the Way in Online Education

Internet Penetration

Online education is quickly becoming a major phenomenon around the world. The ease and convenience it offers learners appeal to people just about everywhere, especially those who are trying to balance work, family, and other obligations with completing a degree or certification program. Yet certain nations have embraced online education more than others, leading the way both in terms of the number and variety of programs and new innovations to online learning itself. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the nations that are really stepping up the game when it comes to online education, though with the proliferation of high-speed nternet connections and a growing need for highly educated candidates in technical positions around the world, other nations likely aren’t far behind.
Full Text: 8 Nations Leading the Way in Online Education | Edudemic.

28th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning

August 8-10 2012, Madison, WI, USA
Register by July 16 to receive early-bird rate
Take a look at this year’s Conference Program. The schedule offers more than 160 learning opportunities with presenters from around the globe, plus several chances to network with colleagues. Link to the different sessions from the left menu.
Bring your team to Madison and take advantage of the Group rates and other Group Offerings. Go to the Registration page to see other conference fees and links.
Unable to join us on site? Then we encourage you to sign up for one of the two Virtual Options available this year. Rates available for individuals or groups.
Special Session Highlight
Around the World in 45 Minutes: Global Perspectives on Distance Education
Thursday, August 9, 2012, 1:00-1:45 p.m.
With the continuous improvement of information and communication technologies, ever more regions of the world are participating in distance education. In recognition of distance education as a truly global enterprise, and in celebration of the increasingly international audience at this conference both on-site and virtually, we invite you to attend the inaugural Global Perspectives event.
This session will highlight distance education efforts in various regions of the world to compare and contrast worldwide trends in the field. Panelists will provide regional perspectives on such topics as enrollment trends, factors that drive distance education, the value of distance education, success stories, and challenges that influence distance education efforts.
Moderated by Dr. Curtis Bonk of Indiana University, this session includes the following panelists:

  • Ari-Matta Auvinen, of HCI Productions Oy and Helsinki University of Technology in Helsinki, Finland
  • Mariangela Braga, of Universidade Estadual Paulista in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Terumi Miyazoe, of Tokyo Denki University in Tokyo, Japan
  • Gihan Osman, of American University in Cairo in Cairo, Egypt

2012 Conference Keynotes

Applying neuroscience to educate

for meaningful learning

Learning in hand with mobile technology

Dr. James Zull

Professor of Biology

and of Biochemistry,

Case Western Reserve University

Judy Brown

Mobile Learning

Strategic Analyst


Conference Venue and Madison Area

Monona Terrace Convention Center The conference will be held at the Monona Terrace Convention Center along Lake Monona in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. The setting is near several large hotels, unique restaurants, the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, and walking/exercise paths.

To find out more about Madison events and attractions during your visit, go tohttp://www.visitmadison.com/visitors/

28th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning

teach learn connect

The Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning is recognized internationally for the quality and integrity of its program. Each year the conference provides an exchange of current resources, research, and best practices from around the world that are relevant to the design and delivery of distance education/training.

August 8-10. 2012 Madison, WI

Conference Objectives   


  • Discuss critical success factors and innovative practices in distance education and training.
  • Examine the key components of effective applications: needs analysis, course design, teaching methods, active learning, learner support, management, policy, and evaluation.
  • Share successful approaches, strategies, and techniques.
  • Identify active teaching/learning methods for effective engagement, motivation, and performance outcomes.
  • Discuss major issues, new developments, and trends.


  • Reflect on progress made in distance education.
  • Consider future possibilities for distance education.
  • Increase knowledge about teaching/training at a distance.


  • Facilitate networking among distance educators, practitioners and administrators.
  • Share program resources via technology (e.g., print, audio, video, multimedia, and the Internet).

Registration and further info: Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning.


Northeast Ohio schools welcome electronic devices

I'm calling you
Cellphones and other electronic devices, once banished to school lockers, are becoming part of classroom lessons in some area school districts.
From pop quizzes through text-messaging to lab results loaded onto electronic tablets to looking up information on smart phones, teachers are finding ways to engage students with the latest devices.
“Technology is part of kids’ lives. It’s here to stay,” said Superintendent Robert Scott of Avon Lake, a district in its fifth year of building its wireless network.
Full Text: Northeast Ohio schools welcome electronic devices to promote learning | cleveland.com.

Barriers to Adoption of Online Learning Systems in U.S. Higher Education

This Ithaka S+R report is a landscape review of important developments in online learning today.  It is the first in a series that will provide leaders in higher education with lessons learned from existing online learning efforts to help accelerate productive use of these systems in the future.  The goal of this research was to understand what benefits colleges and universities expect from online learning technologies, what barriers they face in implementing them, and how these technologies might be best shaped to serve different types of institutions.

Even though there are many “online courses” in existence today, the environment for systems that support interactive learning online (ILO)—those that are full-featured and used by teaching institutions to assist in the effective delivery of credit-bearing courses—is at a very early stage of development. Ithaka S+R worked with leaders, administrators, faculty members, and other key stakeholders to investigate the potential for the use of these delivery systems.

Two important findings came out of this work: 1. the need for open, shared data on student learning and performance that are created through ILO; 2. the need for investment in the creation of sustainable and customizable platforms for delivering interactive online learning instruction. We hope this report will help to stimulate discussion and planning among leaders on these important topics.

This study complements Ithaka S+R’s Online Learning in Public Universities research project, which is testing the effectiveness of interactive online learning systems, and builds on Ithaka S+R’s experience with open courseware initiatives such as those profiled in Unlocking the Gates.


Barriers to Adoption of Online Learning Systems in U.S. Higher Education

Full Text: Ithaka :: Barriers to Adoption of Online Learning Systems in U.S. Higher Education.

Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo

Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo
Sept 25th -27th, 2012
Irvine Hyatt, Irvine, California

Call for Paper Submissions Accepted until May 1st, 2012

Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo is singularly focused on helping executives build smarter organizations by leveraging learning and workplace technologies to IMAGINE.INSPIRE. INNOVATE. ELCE programs support employees, partners and customer performance across domestic and global enterprises. ELCE zeros in on your objectives and offers actionable steps you can use to bring drive results. As host of the exclusive learning and workplace technology marketplace, ELCE sessions must embrace strategies, tactics and solutions for attendees at all levels of the organization.

We are seeking conference proposals that address:

  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Best Practices and/or
  • Technology at Work

We are looking for innovative, creative, solutions oriented sessions that drive imagination, inspiration and innovation. Each session will be 45 minutes long and presented to a live, and possibly, virtual audience. We encourage you to submit your proposal regardless of format: case study, panel, or untraditional format.

Attendees are executive level decision-makers charged with building smarter organizations with learning & workplace technologies. They manage budgets up to $14 million annually, and have active learning initiatives. All proposals must aligned with ELCE theme and provide actionable content for real world buyers. Note: All Vendor sales pitches will be excluded from consideration. Potential topics may include:

  • The 21st Century Business Leader
  • Web 3.0 at Work
  • Social Learners: The Untapped Authorities
  • Learning Management Systems 3.0
  • Globalizing Talent Strategies
  • Big Data: Implications for Enterprise 2020
  • The Power of Games in Learning
  • The Secrets of Successful Virtual Learning Environments
  • Rapid & Good Authoring Solutions
  • Engaging Learners After the Lesson
  • Enterprise 2020: Driving Performance from NextGen Learners
  • Mobilizing Learning
  • Strategies to Build the Talent Pipeline
  • The Learning Technology Buying Team
  • How to Budget for Learning & Workplace Technologies
  • Lights! Camera! Action! Your Low Cost Video Production for Learning

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Two, new charters in Newark to offer online and classroom learning environments – Newark Technology in Education | Examiner.com

Charter Schools

Two, new public charter high schools in Newark, New Jersey, will combine adaptive online learning and face-to-face instruction in the 2012-2013 school year.  Both Newark Prep and Spirit Prep, public charter schools approved by the New Jersey Department of Education, will offer ninth grade in their first year. Both schools will add the remaining, high school grades in subsequent years.  The schools, each governed by an independent, nonprofit school board led by local educators and community leaders, will share a facility located in Newark at 570 Broad Street.
Full article: Two, new charters in Newark to offer online and classroom learning environments – Newark Technology in Education | Examiner.com.

Virtual Field Trips in North Carolina

North Carolina’s classrooms are about to get a lot bigger.
Virtual field trips and remote science lessons will be possible with the opening of the Nature Research Center.
Across the state, classrooms will be able to connect to the SECU Daily Planet, a three-story multimedia globe that is the expanded N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences’ signature feature. There, scientists will present research in front of a 40-foot high-definition screen that can immerse visitors into, say, the deep sea or outer space. The presentations will be available, live or uploaded, to schools through the N.C. Research and Education Network, a high-speed Internet2 setup.
Full article: Teachers throughout N.C. can plug into museum’s work – Nature Research Center – NewsObserver.com.