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Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life

When game designer Jane McGonigal found herself bedridden and suicidal following a severe concussion, she had a fascinating idea for how to get better. She dove into the scientific research and created the healing game, SuperBetter. In this moving talk, McGonigal explains how a game can boost resilience — and promises to add 7.5 minutes to your life.

Why Texting "LOL" May Be Making You Smarter

Linguist John McWhorter defended the language of most teenage girls (and quick-typing adults) in his TED talk.
Teachers and parents alike bemoan texting as the fall of literacy, turning writing into an informal landscape that neglects the tenets of language. But during his TED talk, linguist John McWhorter introduced a more positive view of the language-changing phenomenon: Texting is actually a “linguistic miracle happening right under our noses.”
McWhorter argued that language is not necessarily the written word. “If humanity existed for 24 hours, writing only came around at 11:07 p.m.,” he said. So the rest of that time was taken up by the spoken word, the natural conversational tone that doesn’t always come through in writing.
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And watch the TED Talk below:


Top 10 TED Talks from Inspiring Teachers

TED logo
TED is one of my favourite video platforms where , when time allows, watch inspiring videos of not only educators but leaders and enthusiasts from all other fields. We , in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning,  consider TED as a video resource of huge potential in education and that is why we dedicated a whole section solely to TED videos , its news and updates.
Today we noticed that TED Blog has published a great post featuring  10 talks from inspiring teachers and upon checking them ( some we have already seen before  ) we found them worth sharing with you here.
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TED Books A New Free App from TED for iPad and iPhone Users

TED Books

TED has just launched a new awesome app free of charge called TED Books. As you know, TED is a non profit group that began as a conference back in 1984 and then developed into amazing platform for inspirational talks delivered by some of the most influential personalities in their fields. TED has also expanded to include multiple events from all around the world, a video website, and a number of programs  that feature prizes and fellowships for people that evidence the capability to inspire and motivate others.
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5 Amazing Apps for Teachers Who Love iPads

Technology and teaching go hand in hand. Now that apps are a part of most people’s daily lives, it’s only natural that teachers gravitate to some of these advanced applications for their smart devices. Teachers also have a fond relationship with eReaders and tablets, such as the iPad, because it makes things like lesson planning and note taking so much simpler. So what apps have teachers frequently enjoyed? There are actually many useful apps on the marketplace today, and while not all are free, these are some applications that are worth every cent to make teachers’ lives that much easier and more productive. Take a look at some of the apps that were found to be favourite the most by educators.
1. Note Taking
Used by teachers and students, Evernote is an app that makes note taking a breeze. The beauty of this dynamic app is in the functions. You can create different sets of notes and access from just about any device, including your smart phone. You can also clip information from sites, connect to drawing tools like Sketch, email your ideas and sync information with all of your devices in just a few steps. For so many reasons, this little tool has helped teachers create more intricate lesson plans, develop comprehensive discussions and just save important information to share with other teachers and students.
2. TED Videos
Want to learn something or just spark a conversation with your students? You can do it with a wonderful app that’s all about TED. TED Talks is a one-of-a-kind app that allows you to view talks from some of the world’s most well-versed and fascinating individuals. Teachers like using TED Talks to start discussions in the classroom but also just to research new information on different topics, leading to new ideas for lesson plans and just adding interesting points for lectures.
3. Whiteboard Fun
Another one of teacher’s favourite iPad tools is Screen Chomp, which allows you to work with a white board, recording what you do and also narrating. It’s an amazing tool to help show students exactly what you want them to know and you can save your files online and play on a student’s site or allow them to download the file to their computers. For online leaning, this is a dream tool. EduCreations is another whiteboard app that is also a favourite among educators.
4. College Search
Students and teachers alike can always use more education tools. For students, teachers can be a gateway to finding out new information for all kinds of degree programs and colleges. For teachers, upgrading a certificate, learning something new or getting into a graduate program can be a lifetime goal finally achieved. There are some incredible apps and sites to find information on colleges, such as College Board’s MatchMaker app or College Data. Other sites such as YourDegree.com or EducationGrantsforSchool.com also provide monumental information on different programs and financial aid, which is also important for getting back into school.
5. File Sharing
Apps like Dropbox can make file sharing and file access so simple it’s magic. Dropbox allows you to create any file and save to a hosted a folder, which you can share between all of your devices, from iPad to computer, from your iPad to another teacher’s computers. You can specify what kind of access you want for different folders and keep them private or shared, specifying who to share it with and what you want shared within the folder. Dropbox allows teachers to keep files secured all in one place and you can share any file with a class as well. In addition, if you’re writing up some amazing new idea on your iPad, you can quickly share it with your desktop computer or even your school computer for ease of access.

TED-ED a new Online Learning Platform

TED, the non-profit organization famous for “Ideas Worth Spreading,”  launched a new online learning platform today as part of its new  TED-Ed education initiative (http://ed.ted.com).
Back in March, TED launched a YouTube Channel channel dedicated to educational videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDEducation).
The new education platform launched today, TED-Ed features a suite of tools that allow teachers to create their own lessons based on TED videos or any video found on YouTube.
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