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16 Dos and Don’ts of Online Student Communication

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To be effective, an online classroom must be a safe space where students feel their voices will be respected, supported and heard. Establishing clear guidelines for online interactions is a critical step in creating an online forum that will be successful long-term. A stronger in-class community will form as a result of establishing and maintaining a safe space in your online site.
[These 16 tips from Catlin Tucker will be a great help]
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In Minnesota schools, teaching and tweeting

Mahtomedi High School language arts teacher Sarah Lorntson

Mahtomedi High School language arts teacher Sarah Lorntson reminds her students about assignment deadlines and shares writing advice even when they’re not in her classroom.
She takes to the social media sphere, using Twitter to capture students’ attention in 140 characters or less.
Lorntson said many of her students have smartphones and are constantly plugged into social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. So, it made sense for her to start tweeting, giving her another way to reach out to them.
“My students’ constant complaint is that I don’t tweet enough,” Lorntson said. “They want more communication from us. They want that engagement.”
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8 Ways to Make Friends In Your Online Classes

Make Friends online

Just because you’ve taken the non-traditional academic route by going to school online doesn’t mean you can’t still bond with your classmates and form meaningful friendships with them. Even though students engage in online discussions and talk in chat rooms every week, they don’t have the luxury of sitting in a classroom where they can meet dozens of interesting people. Making friends in online classes can be just as difficult and daunting as trying to motivate yourself to study, but it can be done and here are eight ways to make it happen.
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Texting With Teachers Keeps Students in Class

Students Texting

Tenth-grader Kayli Work is going to be late for English class.
Where some students might wrestle with their anxiety in silence, Work, a student at Nutana Collegiate Institute in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, takes out her cell phone, flicks a few keys, and hits send. She’s just sent a text message to her teacher, who will be much more understanding about her tardiness thanks to the heads up. If she ends up missing the lesson, she will receive her assignments and their due dates from her teacher right on her phone.
“It’s a lot less stressful if you can text your teacher,” Work said, “instead of going in late and worrying what they’re going to say.”
For all the high-profile talk among educators grappling with whether or not to use cell phones in the classroom, the chatter has been far more hushed when it comes to using them to reach students outside it.
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