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Facebook 'friends' rules set for teachers

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TEACHERS SHOULD not befriend their students on Facebook and other social networking sites, according to a new code of conduct agreed by the Teaching Council, the group that regulates the profession.
The new code is the first attempt to set down clear guidelines on use of social media for 70,000 primary and second-level teachers in the State. It comes amid growing concern in school communities about bullying of students and teachers on Facebook and Twitter.
Last month four students were expelled from a Dublin school after posting “vile sexual allegations’’ about their teachers on Facebook. An appeal by the four against their expulsion from Oatlands College, Stillorgan, will be heard later this month.
Full Text: Facebook ‘friends’ rules set for teachers – The Irish Times – Mon, Jun 04, 2012.

Under age students expelled for using Facebook

Students at a Toowoomba school face expulsion for using Facebook. Photo: Jessica Shapiro
Students at a Toowoomba school face expulsion for using Facebook. Photo: Jessica Shapiro

A Queensland primary school principal is threatening to expel students aged under 13 who refuse to delete their Facebook accounts, in a bold bid to stamp out cyber bullying at her school.
The policy has been applauded by cyber safety experts who say schools are grappling to deal with a surge in problems caused when children use social media sites designed for adults.
Full Text: Students face expulsion for using Facebook.


It’s Time To Crowdsource Your School’s Social Media Policy | Edudemic

Social Media

Every school has a different policy when it comes to social media. Some let teachers go all-in and have as many accounts as they like. Some don’t care. Most just don’t have the time.
So why not let the dedicated community of educators currently on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Edudemic create a crowdsourced social media policy that any school can adopt? It should be comprehensive but malleable to allow for different school districts to offer different levels of guidance. In other words, let’s build a framework social media policy for schools that don’t have one right now.
There are absolute geniuses on #edchat, the Tech in Education LinkedIn Group, and on Google+ right now. If just a few of those brilliant minds spent just a few minutes on crafting and refining a solid social media policy, we could have a terrific resource for all. Now, in the spirit of someone trying to urge a begrudging group of people right before the climactic battle scene in a movie… who’s with me?!
Full Text: It’s Time To Crowdsource Your School’s Social Media Policy | Edudemic.


Should teachers 'friend' students?

Should students and teachers ever be friends on Facebook? School districts across the country, including the nation’s largest, are weighing that question as they seek to balance the risks of inappropriate contact with the academic benefits of social networking.
At least 40 school districts nationwide have approved social media policies. Schools in New York City and Florida have disciplined teachers for Facebook activity, and Missouri legislators recently acquiesced to teachers’ objections to a strict statewide policy.
Full Article: Should teachers ‘friend’ students? – USATODAY.com.