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Senator speaks to class via webcam

Image: Daily World
Image: Daily World

To cap off a civics project involving U.S. government and how it functions, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., conversed with a fifth-grade class at J.S. Clark Leadership Academy Thursday morning.
In a sign of the times, she did so through Skype — a free communication medium that provides a computer alternative to a phone, complete with easy webcam use.
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How Are You Connecting Your Students with the World?

Kids on Skype in Classroom
credit: mrmayo via flickr

Nothing terribly earth-shattering happened the first time elementary teacher Krissy Venosdale used Skype to connect her Missouri students with children in another state. “It was kind of awkward at first,” she admits, recalling their first attempt at video conferencing. “Everyone was new to it and kind of nervous.”
Nonetheless, she knew she had found a digital tool she would use again and again to take learning deeper in her inquiry-based classroom. “When we hung up, my students said, wow –we just talked with kids in another state. And I realized, here was a way to open our classroom to the world,” she recalls thinking.
Ever since, Venosdale and her students have continued bringing the world — virtually — to bringing their small community (3) south of St. Louis. Through a project called KnowGlobe (4), they regularly talk with students on other continents, learning in the process about time zones, cultural differences, global weather patterns, and the state of education worldwide. If they come up with a project question that requires the expertise of an astronaut, space engineer, or Egyptologist, they ask their teacher to “tweet it out” and track down an expert for a Skype interview.
What caught my attention was the election project that Venosdale’s students organized in November (with some artful facilita
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Reading Practice Via Skype

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Every weekday morning, first-grader Kristoffer Jones gets ready to read.
He grabs a few books, makes his way across the classroom and settles into a chair. Pulling a book off his stack, he reads the title, “Smaller and Smaller,” out loud – into the computer screen in front of him.
It’s story time, Skype-style.
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Skype in the Classroom Adds New Partners and Resources for Teachers

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Skype in the classroom, a free online educational enrichment community for teachers, has added six new partner organizations to its roster, including NASA’s Digital Learning Center, The National Museum of the Royal Navy and HMS Victory, British Council, Woodland Trust, Education through Expedition, and Choose2Matter. Skype in the classroom is announcing these new collaborations in celebration of World Teacher’s Day, which takes place Friday, Oct. 5.
Skype in the classroom is a free service that provides resources and tools that teachers can use in their classrooms. The service includes over 2,000 projects from Skype in the classroom partners and other teachers. Projects are categorized by subject and student age group. The new partner organizations will add more projects to the service.
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50 Ideas For Using Skype In Your Classroom

Students using Skype

Skype, the free, ubiquitous VOIP downloadable, offers some unique opportunities for tech-savvy teachers to get their students learning in exciting new ways. It might prove a buggy affair depending on the version, but all the same the service still makes for a phenomenal classroom tool. Read on to find out how you can put this cool tool to work in your classroom.
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Skype Announces Collaboration to Further Empower Teachers

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Helping to educate and inspire the next generation of thinkers, Skype joins forces with Penguin Group, New York Philharmonic, Science Museum London, Peace One Day, and Save the Children to provide teachers with educational content and access to expert speakers via video calling. This collaboration marks Skype’s latest initiative to reach its goal of connecting one million classrooms globally through Skype in the classroom, a free online community that helps teachers use Skype to enrich experiences for students.
“Skype in the classroom is excited to collaborate with stellar, like-minded organizations to bring relevant content directly to innovative teachers who are looking to create unforgettable shared learning experiences for their students,” said Tony Bates, president of the Skype Division at Microsoft. “We are dedicated to making education accessible via technology, and will continue to look for ways to remove barriers to communications and connect to classrooms across the globe.”
Skype in the classroom strives to enrich students’ learning experiences to discover new cultures, languages and ideas without leaving the classroom. Skype in the classroom now features each individual organization’s dynamic content, projects and available guest speakers, including:
Penguin Young Readers Group will connect authors, such as Adam Gidwitz, Caroline Lawrence and Nancy Krulik, with students for discussions about books, reading and writing;
The New York Philharmonic offers live interaction with musicians and educators, beginning with an exploration of Billy the Kid -the man and the legend- through the lens of Aaron Copland’s 1939 ballet;
Registered teachers have the opportunity to link directly to the free Skype supported Peace One Day Global Education Resources and to inspire and educate their students about the importance of peace in the modern world. Students can also connect with Peace One Day Founder, Jeremy Gilley and listen to his inspirational story, questioning him on all aspects of his incredible journey to institutionalize Peace Day, 21 September;
Save the Children and the Science Museum, London will have individual projects on Skype in the classroom by the end of the year.
“As a global leader in children’s publishing, we are thoroughly committed to seeding a student’s growing mind and help them fulfill their dreams,” said Pearson Foundation President and CEO Mark Nieker, “We are honored to collaborate with Skype in the classroom as we understand the monumental impact we can offer teacher’s educational curriculum.”
With more than 28,000 registered teachers and counting, in over 190 countries, Skype in the classroom has enabled hundreds of thousands of students around the world to take part in valuable shared learning experiences. Skype offers an immediate way to help students discover new cultures, languages and ideas, all without leaving the classroom. Through programs such as this and its work with Donors Choose, The Education Foundation and Peace One Day, Skype in the classroom supports Microsoft’s commitment to create opportunities for youth through technology, training, and experiences that empower them to imagine and realize their full potential and make a real impact for a better tomorrow.
To join Skype in the classroom and view these exclusive resources, teachers should:
Sign up at education.skype.com using their Skype account details
Create a profile which includes their interests, location and the age groups they teach
Once complete, teachers will have full range to explore the Skype in the classroom organization microsites, utilize vast content from these organizations and engage in conversations with select guest experts.
For more information or to register for Skype in the classroom, please visit http://education.skype.com .