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8 Great Free Google Posters for your Classroom


So you want to start your next school year with a great new look for your classroom ? A look that will be technology enhanced ? Well, we have suggestions for you: [Google] posters. Posters are a great way to catch students attention  and stimulate their learning drive . When used on the classroom wall for everyone  to look at whenever they are at your class, then you can have better chances that students will grasp what those posters communicate to them.
[Provides links to the posters in PDF format]
Full Text: Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 8 Great Free Technology Posters to Hang in your Classroom.

How to print large posters

Ever wish you could take a really cool image, infographic and/or flyer and transform it into a classroom poster? If so, your wish just came true! That’s right! With Block Posters, a free web-based tool, educators (and students) can create any size wall posters from images using a standard ink-jet or laser printer.
Full article: Edutech for Teachers » Blog Archive » Block Posters: Print Yours Today!.