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Assessing Student Progress Using Blog-Based Porfolios

* Blogging with tablets

In my classroom, each of my grade one and grade two students has their own blog. These blogs also serve as digital portfolios. Throughout the school year, the children post artifacts of their learning from all subject areas, including writing samples, podcasts of reading fluency, photos of artwork, explanations of mathematics concepts and videos that summarize their learning in science, health and social studies. (Note: The videos linked to in this blog post work best when played through Google Chrome.)
The children have these online portfolios for many reasons, including an authentic audience, parental engagement, and the opportunity to create an online community. We also use these digital portfolios for assessment, but not in the “this goes on the report card” sense that you might expect.
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The Portfolio As a Teaching Strategy in Distance Education | Higher Education News & Views

The portfolio is another innovative technological tool in the teaching-learning process. In this case, this tool allows the teacher to integrate the real evaluation of this process as it collects samples of learning activities in key moments and this allows you to reflect on the achievements made during the process and the difficulties that arise.
This is significant in distance education and involves more interaction between teacher and student.
The teachers, through this system continuously collect information on the work and the process of developing them, and thus can adapt the contents of the subject to notice requirements in them. To the student is motivating and helps make your work collaboratively.
Both teachers and learners manage a virtual space that may include some reflection on the tasks to be performed.
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