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Personal learning networks: Advice from the trenches

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Recently, I had the opportunity to record a Google Hangout with four connected educators on “Growing Your PLN.” Lyn Hilt @l_hilt, Nick Provenzano @thenerdyteacher, Lisa Dabbs @teachingwthsoul and Patrick Larkin @patrickmlarkin joined the conversation and shared a wealth of advice on how educators can develop a strong personal learning network.
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  • What is a personal learning network?
  • PLN and professional development
  • Getting started

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Finding the Right Tech Tools Is Easy, If You Know Where to Look

Kathy Schrock has been a district tech director; an instructional tech specialist; and a school, academic, museum, and public librarian. She currently teaches online graduate courses for two universities and is an Adobe Education Leader, a Google Certified Teacher, and a Discovery Education Guru.
The common thread that runs through all of her work is her mission to help teachers keep up with the latest technology. Whether she is writing, speaking, blogging, or tweeting, her goal is to show educators where and how to find tech tools that will engage their students.
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For 'Connected Educator Month,' Tips From 33 Educators We Admire – NYTimes.com

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The U.S. Department of Education has declared August Connected Educator Month, and since we’d be nothing without the teachers we’ve connected with over the years, we’re enthusiastically on board.
To celebrate, we asked every educator who has written a guest post for us, been featured in a Reader Idea, or collaborated on one of our features to answer two simple questions:

  1. What is one important thing you’ve learned from someone in your Personal Learning Network (P.L.N.), however you define that network?
  2. What one person, group or organization would you recommend every educator add to his or her P.L.N.?

Reading their responses, below, is a crash course in how to be a “connected educator.” By our count, together they’ve recommended more than 100 people, organizations, sites and other resources you can learn from right now, as well as shared insights on how to learn from them.
Full Text: For ‘Connected Educator Month,’ Tips From 33 Educators We Admire – NYTimes.com.