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An Increase in Online Courses and Degrees

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The flexibility of online education allows students of all ages to pursue a degree or diploma at their pace. In 2011, over six million students were reported to have taken at least one course of study online. Online schooling allows professionals to accomplish their educational goals while continuing their career. Students have the option of going to school full-time or part-time and take as many courses as their own schedule will allow. In addition, students in an online degree program can save time and money by completing courses at home instead of traveling to and from traditional classes.
A survey conducted at the end of 2010 among community college students reported that 61 percent of students took online courses. Time restraints made dropping out of school more likely for older individuals, those with full-time employment and married individuals. In addition, students with one or more children would often find full-time schooling difficult to balance with their everyday activities. Only 15 percent of those surveyed reported that they dropped out or considered dropping out during the first semester due to the inability to balance home life, work and school successfully.
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Penn Launches Free Online Courses via Coursera


The University of Pennsylvania has just jumped on board the “free online course” train, and has announced that they are going to follow in the footsteps of institutions such as MIT in making their courses available online, in the hopes of reaching out to a broader base of students. The courses are going to be made available through Coursera, an educational based platform that is bringing online classes to students everywhere in an easy and accessible manner.
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Free online Cambridge course for English teachers

Experts from the University of Cambridge are offering English teachers a free online language awareness course as part of a new initiative to raise teaching standards worldwide.
The course will be available through ‘Cambridge English Teacher’, a new online community for English language teachers developed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and Cambridge University Press.
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Putting Personality into Online Teaching | EDU News

Putting Personality into Online Teaching . By Michael Keathley.
This post is a bit embarrassing for me as it involves a bit of confession. About 12 years ago when I was forced to add online courses to the English, humanities, and foreign language departments I chaired, one of my first thoughts was vain and self-absorbed. Perhaps like many instructors who evolved their teaching artistry in an era where the “sage on the stage” turned into the coach on the side, I truly believed my students needed to be motivated and inspired by the dynamism and energy I brought to our learning team face-to-face (F2F). I wondered: How can I do this in a virtual class? How can a course be reduced to just black font within a white computer window?
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Putting Personality into Online Teaching | EDU News

The secret to e-learning

Via The Guardian:
Online courses are on the rise as firms continue to cut training budgets and the newly redundant update their skill sets Your desk may overlook the desolate edge-of-town business park and the only lunch venue is the canteen, but look on the bright side: you could spend your meal break browsing a book from the New York public library, absorbing an Oxford University lecture on the fall of the Roman empire or taking a short course to enhance your mastery of Excel. Immobilised office workers can nowadays roam the intellectual world courtesy of the internet and can foster passions or update skills in brief, instant gobbets when their in-tray allows, instead of committing themselves to a strict academic timetable. Now the economic downturn has forced firms to reduce staff training and the newly redundant have to rethink their skills to impress potential employers, online resources are likely to become crucial. “This is the time when people are thinking about their skills sets, either because they want to get a better job or because they want to learn more about, say, Renaissance art,,” says Adrian Beddow of Learndirect , which offers a range of downloadable e-courses covering corporate skills from IT to employment law
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The secret to e-learning

Ashworth High School Changes Name to James Madison High School

Ashworth College an internationally recognized online education company, has announced that its high school division, Ashworth High School, will return to its former moniker James Madison High School, effective January 2011. This announcement coincides with the 15th anniversary of the original James Madison High School brand.
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Learn to Take Notes the Easy Way with EasyScript

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We are pleased to have been chosen by EasyScript to work with them on providing eLearning options for their paper based courses. The courses should start coming on stream in the next 2-3 months.

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