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Classrooms of the Future Coming to Jerseyville: Students to Learn from Mobile Learning Devices, Digital Textbooks

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Committed to preparing students for success from home room to the board room, Jerseyville schools Superintendent Ed Settles today announced a major partnership with Pearson’s 1:1 Learning that will overhaul the traditional classroom. This solution brings effective personalized and connected learning to scale for all students and educators in Jerseyville.
Jersey Community Unit School District 100 plans to provide a technology device such as a laptop computer for every 5th grade through 12th grade teacher by Fall of 2013 as part of a major move designed to better prepare students for college studies and future careers. Educators will begin using the new technology to teach students in every class starting in the 2013-14 school year as the district’s mobile learning program swings into gear. Teachers soon will be trained to incorporate technology and customize lesson plans based on student achievement data, which will be available in real-time as students are working on assignments, into their day-to-day instruction.
Students in 5th to 12th grades will receive a mobile learning device by the start of the 2013-14 school year, and the district goal is for all students to have mobile devices and the digital learning programs by 2017.
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Free Webinar: Things People Don’t Get About Mobile Learning: Float Mobile Learning

Esteemed author Clark Quinn joins Float mobile strategist and evangelist Jeff Tillett and Float senior analyst Gary Woodill for our next free webinar in the Mobile Learning Conversations series Wednesday, April 11.
The Mobile Learning Conversations free webinar series comes to you every month via Float Learning. This month’s session begins at 12 p.m. CT (-6 GMT) on Wednesday, April 11. If you register but cannot attend, we will send out a recording of the event later in the week. Register now for Mobile Learning Conversations>>
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Mobile Learning Series: Text Messaging in Teaching

Short Message Service (SMS), commonly referred to as text messaging, is among one of the most widely available forms of electronic communication today and has become one of the preferred ways for students to communicate with each other. During this online session offered 11/17/2011 I discussed the dynamics of incorporating SMS into teaching. Technical specifics and free apps for sending/receiving SMS messages with students without giving out one’s personal cell phone number were shared.
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Zwoor.com Mobile Apps Boost Learning and Innovation Skills

No Longer Just For Fortune 500 Executive Learning Centers, but Now Free For School and University Students, Zwoor.com Mobile Apps Boost Learning and Innovation Skills

No Longer Just For Fortune 500 Executive Learning Centers, but Now Free For School and University Students, Zwoor.com Mobile Apps Boost Learning and Innovation Skills

Finding Accounting 201 week 3 materials,or where the room is on the campus, is now just a touch away. Zwoor.com mobile apps keep all course materials at the fingertips, allow students to engage during the course, and test their knowlegde via a short classroom timed quiz via the iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or other Android tablet or smartphone.
For paper hungry schools and universities, there are good news ahead. What used to be affordable only for Fortune 500 Corporate Learning Centers and Executive Teams in Training, will be made available free of charge, starting in April, 2012 to Schools and Universities. A student will now be able to see all their course materials, week by week, in a notebook like app. Each week course has the materials, room logistics, the professor profile, related websites and videos. The student can even tweet the teacher, or link with them in LinkedIn or Facebook. Finding Accounting 201 week 3 is just a touch away. Students will be able to answer questions real time from their mobile devices. Launching an Idea Challenge to change the world (“How might we fix the Healtcare System in our country with open source information technology?”), and building innovation skills and entrepreneurship based on the course topic is also a click away.
Schools and Universities will now have this mobile app capability for free from Zwoor.com.
From School and Universities to Fortune 1000 Corporate Boards, Zwoor Event and Zwoor Survey mobile apps meet the various needs for handling learning needs. The mobile applications are free to download from the iTunes store, Google Android or Amazon Android Marketplace. The subscription model for a school or university to load the course materials and create the mobile surveys can be completely free.
Schools and Universities are all about connecting people to people, and people to knowkedge, and the mobile apps from Zwoor.com are amplifying the connection and learning power. And now, are also able to provide real time insights on how much the students understand the topic. A two question quick survey in the middle of the course, to test how much was understood, is just a click away. The students answer from the iPhone or mobile phone, or from the personal computer. The topic is then further discussed.
Attendees can now “follow” the teacher in Twitter or LinkedIn, signal their interest on participating on an agenda topic or contributing to a related event or course, tweet to the course hash tag – all from within the mobile app. Native Twitter integration, and pre-filed hash tags makes it easy for students to share news on the course. A personalized calendar on the mobile app provides a clear journey for the course. And, for the teacher, real time understanding of how students understand the topic.
The Zwoor Event mobile app puts all Course or School Event materials, including agenda, course materials , course room maps, teacher bios, all at the students’ fingertip, on their mobile device. Be that an iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or an Android tablet or phone, the content is available online or offline. Once the content is synched, all materials are contained on the tablet – no connection required, even in an airplane. Real time feedback and rating of the topic is included in each agenda item, allowing a student to provide instant comments directly from the mobile app. All the materials are easily uploaded by the course administrator or by the teacher directly, via a simple to use browser interface at Zwoor.com.
Zwoor.com provides to Universities and Schools an easy to use platform to distribute the course materials, presenter bio, or an event agenda to the participants’ mobile devices, be that iPads, iPhones or Android tablets. We offer an easy way to connect presenters to attendees, and attendees to attendees, in real time, during the event meetings, all via mobile devices. No more paper printing, and out-of-date information. Just an engaging and focused learning environment, for brilliant knowledge and lasting connections. Paperless, real-time, engaged, efficient .” said Ken Burns, External Relations, Zwoor.com.
For more sophisticated surveys of the audience, the Zwoor Survey app allows the creation and distribution of surveys, online or offline. The library of templates speeds up the creation of high quality surveys, be that for capturing understanding on a topic, a short quiz or testing students via a timed survey. Real time results sharing creates dialog, and increases the relevancy of the conversation.
Both Zwoor Event and Zwoor Survey are free mobile apps, and are available for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad and the Android devices. For more information, visit Zwoor.com.
About Zwoor.com
Zwoor.com was founded on a simple, powerful idea: people should be able to have the information needed at their fingertips, and provide feedback where it matters – when they are in the meeting or in the product presentation, with their mobile devices. We want to reinvent what businesses and individuals can do through the Zwoor.com mobile platform, made for a new kind of worker, a new kind of workplace and a new kind of interactions.
Learn more about Zwoor.com, how we’re changing the way people consume information, interact, provide feedback and communicate and how you can be a part of it.
Zwoor Events – School and Universities courses and events Go Mobile in just a few clicks. Students carry an iPhone, an iPad or an Android smartphone, and they now expect the agenda, the course materials, maps, other info and alerts right at their fingertips.
Our native Zwoor Event apps do not require connectivity all the time, and we know that some of the conference or trade show venues are not built with connectivity in mind. We allow students to store the data on the mobile device, and synch when connected.
Zwoor Survey is a friendly, robust and cost effective survey platform that enables teachers to gather real insight from the class participants. Be that in a large,10,000 people keynote graduation event, or in a small classroom, the mobile app can handle both.
Zwoor Survey is a native application (vs. a web app), that allows timed surveys, answers to a challenge quiz for a prize, or just a simple multiple choice survey. Not dependent on the connectivity in the venue – we know that some of the spots are without cellular or wifi coverage.
Idea Challenge platform helps teachers and university professors to create and run Innovation Challenges, and focus participants on solving the wicked problems the study topic is about.
The result is an engaged student audience, and stronger innovation skills.
By incorporating powerful algorithms, tagging, recognition and engagement, the application allows all participants to enter the challenge, follow others, submit and rank ideas.
The Innovation Challenge provides a new paradigm for connecting your courses for innovation and insight discovery. Using the power of social media technology and the power of individual innovation, our platform allows you to tap into the collective intelligence of an organization and transform it into actionable, focused innovation. Truly 1+1+1 equals 10.
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9 Ways Mobile is Moving into Academia

Mobile phones are ubiquitous among students, both in college and K-12. And while some schools shun the use of cell phones, others are embracing them as a powerful tool. Marketing, learning, and mobile access are just some of the ways academia is taking advantage of what mobile has to offer. Read on, and we’ll take a look at nine interesting ways that mobile devices are making their way into academia. Continue reading 9 Ways Mobile is Moving into Academia