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'Magic Pen' Helps High School Teachers Dig Deeper Into Math Lessons

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Pretend you’re a high school student getting your nightly Facebook fix. As you scroll through your news feed, what do you see? Photos, gossip, YouTube videos, and calculus homework.
Wait, what? Homework on Facebook?
For students in Donna Noll’s calculus and algebra classes, that’s exactly what they see—and hear. A veteran math teacher at Seminole High School in Sanford, Fla., Noll posts overviews and sample questions recorded on her so-called “magic pen” to her fan page, SemiNoll Math. She uses Livescribe’s smartpen­, which records her voice, as well as what she writes, and combines the two into a PDF, creating a pencast.
Full Text: ‘Magic Pen’ Helps High School Teachers Dig Deeper Into Math Lessons – High School Notes (usnews.com).

Wowzers Tackles Elementary Math with Online Games

A company that creates educational virtual worlds has introduced a new online product designed to help third through fifth graders get better at math. Wowzers comes from Brain Hurricane, a company that develops academic material for K-8 students in reading and math. The new release, which combines adaptive math instruction with game-based collaboration, was shown during the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference, which took place in San Diego last week.
The instruction can follow a number of instructional standards, including Common Core State Standards. Activities include the use of student avatars, virtual “math missions,” games, quizzes, and feedback on right or wrong answers. Students can use coin awards to outfit their avatars. Teachers can set up and manage a classroom of users; adjust the amount of time students can use the program; set the program to be adaptive in order to adjust questions based on a student’s understanding of the subject; review scores by class, section, or student; check a dashboard for student performance; and do reporting. The program also provides teachers with professional development for specific topics and can deliver reports to parents about their students.
Full Text: Wowzers Tackles Elementary Math with Online Games — THE Journal.