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How to Convert Click & Read into Interactive E-Learning

One of the most frequent questions I get is how to convert linear, click-and-read courses to something more interactive. Linear courses are often the result of our focus on sharing information and not knowing how to move beyond this.
In today’s post we’ll look at a few guiding principles that help in the transition from linear to interactive elearning.
But before we get started, let’s keep in mind that click-and-read courses are not bad. In fact, there are many times where a linear course may be the best solution. But that should be something determined as part of the process of building the course and not a default position.

2 ways to share course content

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Interactive Learning Online at Public Universities: Evidence from Randomized Trials

Published May 22, 2012
William G. Bowen, Matthew M. Chingos, Kelly A. Lack & Thomas I. Nygren
Online learning is quickly gaining in importance in U.S. higher education, but little rigorous evidence exists as to its effect on student learning outcomes. In “Interactive Learning Online at Public Universities: Evidence from Randomized Trials,” we measure the effect on learning outcomes of a prototypical interactive learning online (ILO) statistics course by randomly assigning students on six public university campuses to take the course in a hybrid format (with machine-guided instruction accompanied by one hour of face-to-face instruction each week) or a traditional format (as it is usually offered by their campus, typically with 3-4 hours of face-to-face instruction each week).
We find that learning outcomes are essentially the same—that students in the hybrid format “pay no price” for this mode of instruction in terms of pass rates, final exam scores, and performance on a standardized assessment of statistical literacy. These zero-difference coefficients are precisely estimated. We also conduct speculative cost simulations and find that adopting hybrid models of instruction in large introductory courses have the potential to significantly reduce instructor compensation costs in the long run.
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Full Text: Interactive Learning Online at Public Universities: Evidence from Randomized Trials | Ithaka S+R.

Workshop – How to Build Engaging and Interactive Elearning

UMBC’s ISD Graduate Program is holding a workshop on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Guest speaker, Tom Kuhlmann, VP of Articulate’s Community and the author of the well-known blog “Rapid eLearning,” will discuss How to Build Engaging and Interactive Elearning Courses.

Tom Kuhlmann

Rapid elearning has changed the face of elearning. It puts the power of course creation in everyone’s hands—all without being a programmer. This creates many opportunities. But the reality is that there are also challenges. Many developers work with limited budgets and resources.

Join Tom as he shares some practical tips on getting the most out of resources to build engaging and interactive elearning content.

Come learn how to:

  • Design an effective “getting started” elearning strategy
  • Visually align the look and feel of an elearning course
  • Apply rapid instructional design models to rework existing content into something more interactive and engaging

Tom will share lots of resources to use in the workplace.

This workshop is geared for eLearning professionals/developers of all levels. This event will benefit people who are just getting started or those who are more experienced and advanced with eLearning concepts.

If interested in attending, please register online.

Full Text: UMBC’s ISD Now Workshop – Learn How to Build Engaging and Interactive Elearning Courses.