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A Primer on Learning Game Design (PDF)

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The gamification of learning is a hot, hot trend with great potential to improve the quality of learning experiences for adults – not just kids. In the corporate environment – where “rapid elearning” and the NEXT button now dominate – learning games offer a compelling difference in terms of user experience and results. We are sold on the value of games in learning, and we want to actively promote their use. This paper’s intent is to give readers basic knowledge of game design and how to get started with it.

Is Game-Based Learning an Effective Instructional Strategy

Lesley Tham, Raymond Tham (2012) Blended Learning: Is Game-Based Learning an Effective Instructional Strategy to Engage Students in Higher Education in Singapore? A Pilot Study
Journal of the Research Center for Educational Technology, Vol 8, No 1 (2012)
Today’s Internet Generation is accustomed to multi-tasking, graphics, fun, and fantasy. Educators in Asia are finding it increasingly challenging to engage and motivate students with traditional modes of teaching. One tool that may help them in this endeavor is game-based learning, which is beginning to catch on in K-12 schools and higher education. This paper examined whether game-based learning is an effective instructional strategy for engaging and motivating students in higher education in Singapore. Findings indicate that game-based learning can be a useful strategy to motivate students, because the challenge of a game fosters competition between groups and collaboration within groups.
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Get Gamified! – Gamify your E-learning

Gamified may not be a word that you use in everyday conversation, but if you are planning on offering e-learning modules or game based training then it should be one that you learn. Gamifying is basically the process of enhancing online learning experiences by turning the presentation of material from a standard text or PowerPoint type of presentation into a more engaging, interactive immersive experience. This can be through the use of 2D or 3D simulations, serious games, alternative reality games and scenario based training.
Full article: Get Gamified! – Gamify your E-learning.