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How Online Learning Is Shaping The Future Of Education Right Now | Edudemic


In recent years, more education professionals have noticed the benefits of online learning. Such programs allow students to comprehend a subject matter in a structure that can be more convenient for their learning styles. Time constraints for online learning programs are different than in the traditional classroom setting.

Students who do not cope well with the pressure of having to work quickly can take their time when necessary. Conversely, students who pick up on things faster and become bored with traditional programs can use online learning programs to work through the material at a quicker pace and move on to the next lesson.Each online program is different, so look at the pacing of the program to determine if the school offers this kind of flexibility.

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Distance Education and E-Learning – Past, Present and Future

Buzzwords in education have been in existence since the on-set of formal education as we know it today. Many of these terms come and go based on their usage and their context but some terminologies have withstood the test of time. Let us take a look at some of the common terms along with the chronology of how they evolved. Continue reading