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What is Your Smartphone Worth?

Smart PhoneIf you always had an inkling that your new smartphone is not just cool, but an efficient, money saving tool, here comes the concrete number: $12,000. That’s how much a user can save annually, according to a survey by Harris Interactive, on behalf of ClickSoftware.
How is that figure derived? By using apps, smartphone owners can save up to 88 minutes a day. This adds up to 22 days over the course of a year. The Social Security Administration lists the average annual wage at $45,790, ($22 per hour based on a 40-hour work week.) So, multiply that by 535 hours per year and the value is $11,777.
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Advertisers Will Underwrite Free Degrees

Student with money pouring out of a laptop
An online degree-granting institution called World Education University, set to open this fall, plans to try an advertiser-driven model to support its free content.
“Any Silicon Valley start-up will tell you that if you can drive enough eyeballs to your Web site, you can find ways to leverage that and monetize it,” said Scott Hines, the university’s chief executive. “We’re very transparent to students. They understand that their education is being underwritten generally through advertisers.”
Advertisers will pay for students to answer survey questions related to their products. For example, students may be asked a question like “Are you a runner?” when they log into the learning-management system. If a student checks “yes,” he or she will thereafter see ads for a certain brand of running shoes on the home page.
So do you think this will work? Will they generate enough income? Do you allow advertising on your LMS? Tell us in the comments
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How Free Online Learning Can Impact Your Bottom Line | Business 2 Community


With the continuing shift to the Internet and all things social mobile, everybody’s talking about the necessity of online content marketing and “repurposing” existing marketing content. Though I for one am in total agreement, a parallel development in free online learning suggests we need to be thinking about repurposing our human resources along with our marketing content. For those interested in learning exactly what I mean by this, read on.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about this new online learning model is that it is free. Led by such pioneers as The Kahn Academy, Stanford University, Coursera and Udacity, other prestigious universities like MIT and Harvard are now jumping on the free online learning bandwagon. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) such as Udacity and Coursera have the potential to be disruptive because they offer for free the same core assets that universities charge for: educational content and instruction. This democratization of knowledge cannot be understated, especially given the model’s limitless scalability.¹
In this post, I’ve chosen to highlight the Kahn Academy and Udacity, as I feel they represent two types of free online learning that not only complement each other, but may eventually prove to have a massive impact on your company’s bottom line.
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