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Free eBook: Graphic Design Tips

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Contributing Editor, Karen Forni
Effective eLearning deliverables require more than just text and a few random graphics. Good graphic design, user interface (UI) design, and user experience (UX) design aren’t optional – they’re necessary to ensure maximum learner comprehension and retention.
We asked some of the most noted experts in the field to give us their best tips for graphic design, UI, UX, and visualization. What follows are 62 tips from 12 contributors, focusing on topics such as what is best illustrated by a still image vs. an animation; why navigation should be at the bottom of a page; and the importance of keeping virtual keyboards in mind.
This complimentary eBook draws on the experience of top professionals who are leading sessions in The eLearning Guild’s August 2012 Online Forum, “Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, and Visualization for eLearning.” Let their expertise guide you in areas including:

  • Highlighting Learning
  • Aesthetic Considerations
  • Tricks and Tools

Download from: The eLearning Guild : eBook: Graphic Design Tips.

The eLearning Guild : eBook: Instructional Design Tips

58 Tips

New from The eLearning Guild.
Instructional Design (ID) is — or at least should be — the foundation for effective eLearning. Whether you are new to ID or have been designing eLearning for a while, it’s easy to get stuck in certain ways of doing things. That’s when you need some new ideas!
This complimentary eBook draws on the ideas and experience of 14 ID experts who are leading sessions that are part of The eLearning Guild’s May 2012 Online Forum on “eLearning Instructional Design: Advanced and Breakthrough Techniques.” These tips, which will enhance the way you design eLearning, are organized into four general categories:

  • Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Project management

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Grasping the e-book era  | ajc.com

The later it got in 2011, the more they showed up in the Cobb County Public Library System:
Electronic book fanciers. Checking out nearly 10 times as many titles in August as they had just six months earlier. By December, circulation had doubled again. And Jonathan McKeown almost certainly knew why.
“Christmas happened,” says McKeown, associate director of central and outreach services for Cobb’s libraries.
Sales of so-called “e-readers” exploded during this past holiday season, when dedicated devices for downloading electronic versions of books such as the Kindle and NOOK, along with tablet computers that can perform similar functions, were seen as a “must have” gift. Between mid-December and early January, the number of adults in the United States who owned e-readers and tablets nearly doubled, according to a Pew Research Center report.
via Grasping the e-book era  | ajc.com.