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Isn’t The Flipped Classroom Just Blended Learning?

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Credit: http://ileighanne.wordpress.com

I’ve been an instructional designer for a long time. I remember when video was a cutting edge technology. I remember when “CBT” was something only very high financed companies could create and it was delivered on a floppy disc. And I remember incorporating many different delivery media into my designs and calling it “blended learning”.
Lately, we’ve been hearing about this new model called The Flipped Classroom. My cynical self immediately thought “Oh, they’re just re-branding blended learning with a new name.” However, I had discussions with a colleague about it and became a little more intrigued. I decided to stop trying to prove that The Flipped Classroom was just Blended Learning, and focus on learning more about it. Working with Sarah Gilbert, I learned a bit more about the concept. Here’s some of what I have learned:
The Flipped Classroom is definitely a subset of Blended Learning, but with a different focus.
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