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2012 LAMS Conference — Sydney, Australia

LAMS 2012

The 7th International Conference will once again be held in Sydney after the success of the six previous International LAMS Conferences from 2006 to 2011; four European Conferences (2007 – Greenwich, 2009 – Cadiz, 2009 – Milton Keynes and Oxford in July 2010) as well as the 2011 International Conference held at NTU, Singapore.
The focus of this years conference will be “Surveying the Learning Design Landscape”. We will look at technologies, applications and approaches that support sharing, collaboration and open access to knowledge and resources and the differing implications for individuals and organizations in a changing world. Importantly, we will also capture the experience of those who have used LAMS & Learning Design and shared some of the lessons learnt about sharing great ideas in higher education, the K-12 sector, vocational and professional education.
6-7 December 2012
Call for papers etc closed 14 September
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Australian schools pay millions for material free on net

Dollar Bill
SCHOOLS are paying millions of dollars to use freely available internet resources under ”draconian” copyright laws that have failed to keep pace with digital learning.
Schools spend almost $56 million a year under a compulsory licence to copy material such as books and journals without permission from the copyright owner. But an unintended consequence of the licence means schools also pay millions for internet material that the website owners never intended to charge for, according to the National Copyright Unit, which provides specialist copyright advice to the schools and TAFE sector.
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NSW high school students will receive unique IP addresses

Up to 14,000 NSW high school students will receive unique IP addresses as part of the official launch of Internet Protocol version 6 tomorrow.

As part of the address switch-on, each student at the eligible schools will receive a permanent and unique IPv6 address attached to the credentials they use to log on to school networks.

Karp said the unique addresses could be used to track student activity at a network level, preventing instances of cyber bulling or other misuse of school networks.

“No one likes to think about those things but every school has to put in place protections. What we actually find is, once you tell the students ‘once you log onto the network we know who you are’, they’re much more cautious from that point onwards. It achieves the effect even if you may never use it,” Karp said.

Full Text: Private schools jump on IPv6 go-live – Telco/ISP – Technology – News – iTnews.com.au.