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School Asset Tracking – there's a app for that


Lake Stevens School District found that performing state-mandated equipment audits was becoming a costly and cumbersome task. In order to account for big-ticket purchases, the district was bringing in a third-party auditor on an annual basis to keep track of all of its key assets, which includes everything from faculty computers and printers to musical instruments and shop-class table saws.
The problem was not only the $8,000 annual price tag that came with the third-party audit service, but the overall inefficiency of the district’s inventory system. Throughout the year, the Lake Stevens IT staff is responsible for tagging each piece of equipment with barcode tags and manually entering any moves, adds, and changes into the inventory database. The tedious, time-consuming task made it difficult for the team to keep information up-to-date and ready for the annual audit. “When we would go do the audit, all of the information would not necessarily be correct and we would spend hours looking for items — and that’s not productive,” says Michelle Buehler, a network and computer technician at Lake Stevens.
Tired of scouring the school for missing audio-visual equipment every summer, Buehler decided to see if there was in fact “an app for that.” Using her smartphone to browse an app store, she came across the Physical Asset Tracking application from Bolingbrook, Ill.-based Intelligent Loop, www.aridhio.com. “I put the app on my phone just to see what it would do, and it really seemed like it could work for us,” she says.
Full Text: Connected World magazine | Getting Schooled on Asset Tracking.