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25 Apps for Global Mobile Learning

Smart Phone

Computers and, later, Web 2.0 have changed the way young people learn. Now apps are set to do the same.

An “app” is short for software application. For example, Angry Birds and Facebook are popular apps on mobile devices. More than 30 million apps are downloaded to mobile devices every day. There are apps to help manage time, convert measurements, lead a healthier lifestyle, and for fun. A good percentage of apps are by nature educational.

Most teenagers have cell phones. And iPads are outselling personal computers. There are now an estimated 1.5 million iPads in U.S. classrooms, and with new digital textbooks introduced this year, that number will likely grow.

Before using apps, remember that learning objectives come first; recommend specific digital tools and communicate clear guidelines to help students meet expectations. Consider, too, whether apps should be used in guided instruction, or if they should be relegated to self-directed learning time. Many teachers now use the Flipped Classroom model, where class time is used primarily for discussion and collaborative work. Digital tools help students develop knowledge and skills prior to class, and help them contribute more substantively to discussions and project work.

So which apps can help build global competence? With a world of possibilities, what follows is a short list of mostly Apple iOS apps to help you get started. To download, go to the Apple iTunes store, search for the app by name, and click on the price button to synch with your device. Several of these apps are available for Android and other devices, too.

Full Text: 25 Apps for Global Mobile Learning | Asia Society.

TED Books A New Free App from TED for iPad and iPhone Users

TED Books

TED has just launched a new awesome app free of charge called TED Books. As you know, TED is a non profit group that began as a conference back in 1984 and then developed into amazing platform for inspirational talks delivered by some of the most influential personalities in their fields. TED has also expanded to include multiple events from all around the world, a video website, and a number of programs  that feature prizes and fellowships for people that evidence the capability to inspire and motivate others.

Full Text: TED Books A New Free App from TED for iPad and iPhone Users.

20 Teaching Tools to Consider

It’s hard to find a field that hasn’t been radically changed by technology, and education is no exception. Few classrooms these days operate without digital tools, gadgets, or applications that have made it easier for teachers to track student progress and tailor lessons to student needs and interests. While the tools of today are great, there are even more great technological teaching tools and practices on the horizon, many of which are just starting to be adopted in the classroom or are just making it out of the developmental stages. These tools offer new and often very promising ways to connect with students and improve the quality of education offered in schools. Read on to learn about just a few of the websites, programs, and amazing technologies of the future teachers and students alike will soon be using.

Full Text: 20 Exciting Teaching Tools of Tomorrow – Online Universities.

12 free social media tools to make your life easier | Articles | Home


With the myriad tools available to help you with social media, often it’s hard to know which ones to try. People ask me whether there’s “an app for that,” and I love when I can give them the right tool.

Here are 12 of the best free tools, each one of which I use in my own business.

Full Text: 12 free social media tools to make your life easier | Articles | Home.

Top 9 Best Augmented Reality iPhone Apps In 2012

Augmented Reality

The principle of augmented reality based iPhone apps is to use the superb multitasking and image processing capabilities provided by the iPhone. Even though the technology of augmented reality is still in an embryonic stage, these smart iPhone apps give us a small glimpse of what’s to come. Most of these apps are available at Apple’s iTunes App Store. So check out the top 9 best Augmented reality apps for iPhone in 2012 Here are some really cool iPhone apps with augmented reality features.

Full Text: Top 9 Best Augmented Reality iPhone Apps In 2012 | StartAppz.

Apps: The Latest Stand Against School Bullies

Boy crouched on ground

In a mobile phone video filmed at a Houston high school this April, dozens of students gather in a stairwell to watch a fight. They stand by as a girl, armed with a sock that has a combination lock in the toe, viciously beats another girl to the point that she will later have multiple staples inserted into her head at the emergency room.

Tim Porter is developing an app that he believes can stop violence like this on school grounds.

“If they would have had the app, someone would have alerted student administrators,” he says, noting that someone watching the fight already had their phone in hand to take video. “It’s just the way that kids communicate now. They all use apps.”

Porter’s app, Stop Bullies, allows students to anonymously report bullying by submitting messages, photos or videos to school administrators, who are alerted in real time. Each message includes a GPS tag that could, at least theoretically, help adults intervene. Customized versions of the app will go live for the first time in two schools this August.

Full Text: Apps: The Latest Stand Against School Bullies.

Move the Turtle: Top Mathematical App for Students

Move the turtle

Move the Turtle Programming for kids by Next is Great is based on the mathematical idea of Logo to give students the opportunity to be introduced to basic programming or coding skills. Through a few simple step by step commands your “turtle cursor” will be able to draw geometric shapes and patterns, while also reinforcing angles…. A TOP PICK for Fun Educational Apps!

Are you a computer geek that loves programming or are you a classroom teacher instructing on such skills as angles, measurement and two dimensional geometry? If you answered yes to either these, then you have come to the right educational app review. We are no stranger to educational app developers, Next is Great and we are pleased to add to our collection of reviews their latest addition, Move the Turtle. Regardless of which mathematical program your school district is using, we are quite certain that it is a program that builds understanding over a period of time. This understanding comes as informal and formal exposure while also integrating direction instruction. Move the Turtle is a mathematical app for students in their early to late elementary years. Recently it was featured in the App Store in the New and Noteworthy for Education. It is compatible for all Apple devices running iOS 4.2 or later. As your child(ren) works alongside an adult or independently with a ruler, various directions and a pencil, they will soon become a coding guru.

Full Text: Move the Turtle: Top Mathematical App for Students – Fun Educational Apps: Best Apps for Kids Reviews iPad / iPhone / iPod.

5 Best iPad Note Apps

Note Apps

One of the first things about the iPad that caught people’s attention was the touch screen, and it goes without saying that some of the first apps to start taking advantage of that touch screen were handwriting/note taking apps. Apps that let you write, draw, sketch—-and sometimes type–notes on your iPad. Something that combined technology with the age-old practice of scribbling notes on paper.

Since there are so many apps to choose from, and I’ve tried virtually all of them over the past couple years, I thought I’d give you a jump start on switching to virtual paper with my top 5 favourite note taking apps.

Full Text: The Best iPad Note Apps [Best Of] | Cult of Mac.

Forget the red ink – make an app instead!


Facebook and Angry Birds were two of the most downloaded apps last year, but that doesn’t mean Web and mobile applications are all play. There are tens of thousands of educational apps aimed at teaching high school students everything from physics to Japanese.

But not all of those apps are created equal, warns Teacherswithapps.com, a site created by two teachers to evaluate educational apps, and some educators have taken matters into their own hands.

Jeff Scheur, an English teacher at Whitney Young Magnet High School in Chicago, created an app to drill his students on apostrophes, conjunctions, and run-on sentences.

Scheur developed NoRedInk, a Web-based application, when traditional red ink wasn’t yielding the desired results in his classroom. Despite marking up essays with corrections and comments, his students continued to make the same mistakes.

Full Text: Teacher-Developed Apps Fill Lesson Gaps – High School Notes (usnews.com).

14 Ways to Use Garageband in the Classroom

Garageband is a great app that I think any student or teacher using an iPad should consider buying. It is a multi-track audio editing app that is as robust as you will ever need (unless of course you teach audio production). Later this week I will be posting a new page full of Garageband resources for teachers, students and learning. For now, you can get your brain juices flowing by reading the list below, watching the embeded ‘how to’ videos,  and then go start playing with Garageband yourself!

Full Text: 14 Ways to Use Garageband in the Classroom « EdApps.ca.

How To Develop Your Own Mobile Learning Tools

Students with Smart Phones

Mobile learning, or m-learning, refers to any learning intervention that is carried out through the use of mobile devices and wireless technology.

Ever since the concept of mobile learning came into the picture, instructional designers have been coming up with innovative ideas to create effective and meaningful ways to harness the power of mobile learning. It started with focused efforts to convert existing e-learning to m-learning.

Subsequently, educational technology companies now design effective and meaningful mobile learning tools by addressing various challenges associated with delivering content on mobile devices. This article introduces these challenges and discusses some strategies to design effective m-learning.

Full Text: How To Develop Your Own Mobile Learning Tools | Edudemic.