Student Insight Hot Topics – Portrait of a Transnational Education Student


This report is the latest in a series of publications that reports on the responses given in in-depth on-line surveys and highly focused interviews, and presents a comprehensive analysis of the attitudes of present and prospective students, as well as administrators and alumni, towards the growing phenomenon of transnational education (TNE).
The report begins with an overview of the evolving TNE concept – which is ot as new as many believe – and clarifies what TNE encompasses: for many, TNE means simply ‘distance learning’, however this report introduces the idea of a much larger and more complex concept, and one that is demanding the attention of students, parents and higher education providers around the world. The current market situation is then explored and changing levels of student interest are given as supporting evidence of the developing nature of the TNE market.
The report then presents a series of indicators that highlight the similarities between students within the worldwide TNE community. These indicators cover interest in and experiences of both undergraduate and postgraduate TNE programmes. By analysing and presenting the feedback given by a wide range of respondents, from secondary-school graduates to employed professionals, this report is able to create a portrait of the TNE student that challenges both the narrower perception TNE and the more widely held understanding of the importance of institution branding and reputation.
The indicators assessed are broken into two main areas. The first presents the characteristics of a TNE student by compiling data on the age, employment status and subject interests of respondents, broken down by interest in TNE programmes offered locally and overseas. The second and largest section addresses the motivations and priorities of TNE students, covering the crucial factors of course availability and ease of admission, time commitment, the quality of teaching, mode of delivery and relevance of the qualification, the reputation of the institution, and the overall TNE student experience.
This comprehensive analysis presents useful insights drawn from a growing body of data and carefully sourced qualitative information on the experiences of TNE students today. The findings should be of value to any provider interested in learning more about its TNE demographic or keen to take advantage of the burgeoning TNE market, as well as any person interested in exploring an area of education that is becoming of interest to a broadening spectrum of prospective students.
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