mLearning initiated at South African University

mLearning is being implemented in South Africa. In an attempt to get eLearning to the wider campus community, The University of Western Cape has embarked on implementing a mobile version of its eLearning application. In South Africa the number of mobile users accessing the internet is double that of desktop based users. The UWC eLearning development team could no longer ignore that there is a great need for a mobile version of its eLearning Application. Hence the deployment of the Chisimba based mLearning initiative.

Smart Phone accessing ChisimbaThe first version of the mobile site which is based on the current version of the Chisimba eLearning Suite was released to the campus community. This scaled down version of the ‘main’ application offers most of the main features with the intention of keeping things simple but still have students be able to conduct their learning activities via a mobile device.
Some of the features include:

  • course browsing,
  • announcements,
  • file manager,
  • eLearning email,
  • assignment browsing,
  • essays,
  • discussion forums,
  • MCQ Test and
  • announcement of new/available course content.

Some of the challenges which we faced was in trying to fit enough revelent information into small mobile screen. As bandwidth is still at a premuim, keeping the amount of data being downloaded to a minimum is crucial, as the cost of using browsing the mobile application is incurred by the user through his/her revelent mobile service provider.
To view the site, point your mobile device to

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