Social Media Friendly Content Marketing [Examples]

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The definition from “Content Marketing” is to create and shares useful narrative information to engage prospects, current customers and the public. I think each business owner should be interested to do so. [note mg]   Is your content marketing social media shareworthy? In other words, does your non-promotional content invite readers to participate and extend the conversation by commenting and sharing it with their family, friends and social media colleagues? Further, when your content’s shared, is your brand readily discernable on other platforms or via other channels (such as email)?   To help you develop social media friendly content marketing, here are three examples that use social media to engage prospects and extend their reach along with related content marketing lessons.   Make bad feedback good for business. In their own words, “the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has been proudly disappointing travellers for forty years.” This hostel is definitely talkworthy. It’s got an amazing 182 colorful reviews on TripAdviors.   Read more:

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