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Social Bookmarking and Diigo – Student Learning with Diigo

Social Bookmarks

When one searches for a website on a browser, the browser decides what sites to display depending on the information that is given.  It also depends on what browser is being used as to what sites are being displayed.  This comes into play when one is looking for a website, especially a website that is being referred to them.  If one was using a social bookmarking site, the individual could go on to their friends bookmarking site and pull up the exact website without any problems.
Social Bookmarking sites are a great marketing tool because it allows for people to join groups that they have similar interests with.  If one has a blog, sales site or information site, this would be a great way to get the information out.  Also, teachers can use social bookmarking sites int he classroom.  This allows the students to access their teachers bookmarking site and do research on the sites that are listed for a particular subject or concept.  This becomes a great way to keep students safe as they search the internet and learn.
The final advantage is the easy accessibility.  One can pull up their favorite sites from anywhere.  If one is away form home, work or the particular computer that they found the website on, they can still access it without any problems.  This is amazing for those who want to work or research while on the go.  It also allows one to save a new bookmark regardless of where they are because it goes straight to the bookmarking site.
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