QR codes make the physical world clickable

QR codes making the physical world clickable
Distance education specialist Carole Robinson teaches faculty and staff how to create and use QR codes in the LL Building on Wednesday, May 9, 2012. Robinson said she enjoys holding brief, easily comprehendible technology workshops for staff a few times a month

Almost everyone has seen one: the little square images that look like digitized ink blots appearing on ads outside store windows and in newspapers. They’re called “Quick Response” codes, QR for short, and they allow access to information in the physical world as if from a link on the internet, by pressing a button.
“The future [will be on] handheld devices and QR codes are an easier way to get across information,” said Carole Robinson, who provides instructors with monthly workshops on new and innovative ways to teach.
QR codes work like a barcode, said Robinson, but instead of a scanner you have your smart phone or iPad. Robinson showed teachers and staff at a workshop on May 9 how to download and use free QR reader apps. She demonstrated by firing up an app on her iPad and like a scanner used the tablet’s camera to snap a picture of a code on her desk. Immediately after “scanning” the code she was sent to a website on the internet via the little square image, like clicking a link on a web page.
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