Pinterest for Teaching and Learning


It’s easy to be jaded when there’s buzz about a new social network. Who has time to keep up with them all? And how many will explode on the scene with a bang, the hottest new thing, and then fizzle like Friendster? But I have to say that the eye-candy on the visual social bookmarking site Pinterest has caught my attention.
The striking, clean visuals and the bulletin board model are sure to appeal to educators, and it certainly has value as a curation tool — a digital way to save and organize all those little bits of goodness you find online. Intrigued? This week, we’re launching the official Edutopia Pinterest account. Whether you’re an avid pinner or just a beginner, follow us! Get started by watching the videos below for some ideas about what Pinterest is and how educators are using it.
[Great list of videos and other resources for getting to grips with Pinterest.]
Full Text: Five-Minute Film Festival: Pinterest for Teaching and Learning | Edutopia.

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