PELeCON 2012

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The 7th Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference

18-20th April 2012

Create, Connect, Collaborate: Learning in New Dimensions

People have an innate desire to create, connect and collaborate. Arguably, these are the building blocks of good learning. But to create, connect and collaborate successfully, people need tools, applications, technology.

The last few years have witnessed the introduction of some notable new technologies that support new forms of creativity and transform our abilities to connect and collaborate. The iPad is transforming personal learning experiences, the Xbox 360 Kinect is transforming control interfaces, and the Nintendo 3DS is transforming the gaming experience. 3D technology is more 3D technology is more common place, mobile phones continue to evolve as smaller, more flexible and more powerful tools for learning, whilst the exponential increase in available applications enables us to enjoy location and context aware experiences. How will teachers and learners use these new tools? What new literacies and skills will teachers and learners need? What will be the benefits and limitations of learning technologies, and in what ways will teachers need to adapt to be able to harness their power? Will the needs of learners change as a result of changing demands from society? What is good pedagogy and best practice in the light of new and emerging technologies?


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