Backup the Hard Way or the Easy Way

Even when doing an online course it is still essential to backup your work. The excuse of “The dog ate my assignment” or perhaps more likely “My hard disk failed” doesn’t really cut the mustard with teachers anymore. Or even worse, you are the teacher and you’ve lost your copy of the assignment outline which was on you home computer that just got fried.

To save embarrassment then, you need to have your files backed up, all your files.

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How Far e-Music has come in 30 years

As a new teacher in the 1980s Lisa Gabriel did battle with mono cassette recorders and wrote music on a banda machine or chalk board. e-Music did not exist. How times have changed. Lisa shares her journey over the last 30 years, using BBC-Bs, four track recorders, Amigas, Karaoke, PCs, Sibelius, Scorch, MP3s, the web, and Audacity amongst other things. Here is Lisa’s journey…

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Earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand

You may or may not know that The eLearning Site is based in the North Island of New Zealand.

Thus we are greatly relieved that none of our friends and families have been injured in the recent earth quake which started on Saturday morning.

There is still much to do with thousands of homes and other buildings in need to demolition or repair. A great deal of infrastructure will also need to be replaced or repaired.

If you would like to make a donation to the Canterbury Appeal please visit the New Zealand Red Cross Online Donation Page.

Many thanks

Tweaking Twitter for Tweachers (Recording)

This session was held Friday, September 17 2010 | 7:00 PM (New Zealand Standard Time)

What will be covered:

  • How to find and be found by other edu-tweeps,
  • Where to discover topics that interest you – e.g. ideas for teaching,
  • How to follow hundreds/thousands of people and not get bogged down,
  • Ideas and examples_ for using Twitter with students
  • Making an action plan to incorporate Twitter into your teaching.


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