NZ Teachers reject 'educational' value of video games

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Head teachers have rejected an industry report which suggests video games have educational benefits.
The NZ Secondary Principals’ Association has warned that video games can cause more harm than good to educational development.
The Digital New Zealand 2012 report, by Queensland’s Bond University, found

  • 79% of Kiwi parents with school age children play video games themselves.
  • 90% of this group played video games with their children
  • 75% of parents actively using games as an educational tool.

Parents believed some video games helped their children better understand technology, maths, science, planning and language.
But Secondary Principals’ Association president Patrick Walsh said the negatives of video games often outweighed positives. Schools had noticed some students who played a lot of video games had limited vocabulary and concentration problems.
Full Text: Teachers reject ‘educational’ video games claim – National – NZ Herald News.

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