Latest Trends in Student Information Systems: Driven by Competition


The rapid changes in consumer technologies across the spectrum of users—old, young, experienced, novice—and the penetration and adoption of technology ever deeper into our daily lives are creating a sea change in many industries and endeavors, and education is not escaping. Acting as a catalyst, technology is changing the way we view students and their educational experience, worldwide.
The Student as Customer
One of the paradigm shifts occurring in higher education is the realization of the student as a true customer, one with a number of choices and instant access to information regarding those potential choices. This—along with the increased emphasis on the value of education (from parents to governments) and the effects of the international financial atmosphere—is driving higher education systems changes to achieve efficiency, effectiveness, competitiveness, flexibility, and agility. Additional functionality is being developed or customized for higher education; such systems as customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI) /predictive analytics (PA), and mobile device management (MDM) systems are being implemented to better recruit, analyze, and engage students.
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