JISC e-Learning Pedagogy programme


e-Learning and Pedagogy activities are being broadly grouped under two themes: Designing for Learning with a practitioner planning focus on e-Learning and Understanding my Learning with a learner reflection focus on e-Learning).

Aims of the programme

Given this context, the e-Learning and Pedagogy programme will have two related aims to:

  1. 1)Provide the post-16 and HE community with accurate, up-to-date, evidence- and research-based information about effective practice in the use of e-Learning tools
    The programme will scope the range of available information on pedagogy for e-Learning, drawing on the practitioner, researcher and developer communities. It will evaluate the approaches that seem effective for learners, and the forms of information and support that are relevant to practitioners. Further research and development may be promoted to fill significant gaps in the knowledge base.
  2. 2)Promote the application and development of e-Learning tools and standards to better support effective practice
    The programme will explore applications and approaches that support the design and delivery of learning activities, including learning design tools and commercial learning environments. The focus will be on evaluating specific applications of these tools, in order to build up a repertoire of effective models and to identify those approaches that are both useable by practitioners and effective for learners.

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