Is digital literacy still a problem?

I recently was part of a conversation regarding colleague engagement via smartphones.

It is widely accepted that the majority of people now have smartphones and have access to the internet.

With more and more providers are moving to online-only presence is it just accepted that everybody will be able to navigate the online world?

The colleague I mention are a wide cross-section of the general public, working-class; yet during this conversation, many of those colleagues who were approached did not have an email address or know the @ symbol and typed “AT” in a work email address.

As the workforce age increases and the population grows older, do we need to work harder to improve digital literacy, the global push that was around 10 years ago or so has died down and the working people of the older age bracket, still struggle with modern technology?

Do we need to continue to provide support and easy access to online courses? How do we do this in the modern workplace?

Do we offer open classes to build confidence in the digital savvy worforce?