In Some Cash-Strapped Schools, Kids Bring Their Own Tech Devices | MindShift

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At Mankato Public School System in Minnesota, students bring their homework, their lunches, and books to school like most students across the country. But they also bring whatever tech devices they own — and they don’t have to hide it or turn it off when they walk into class. Mankato has joined the growing Bring Your Own Technology movement that allows students to use their own Netbooks, laptops, and tablets — anything that connects to the school’s wireless network — during class time.   Our take: Isn’t this how it should be in any school? Gone should be the days when we ask kids to turn off their smart phone. We should be encouraging them to use such technology in school and out.   KNOWING information is no longer that game, we want citizens who can use technology to FIND the information. So I want kids using the technology at every turn in classrooms.   Of course this means edutech literate teachers but that is another story.  

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