How to Take Advantage of Online Training Tools

As options for learning online continue to expand, a growing number of entrepreneurs are using them to keep their staff on the cutting edge. Using tools for online training, including videos, apps, and webinars, rather than sending employees to expensive training seminars or bringing in pricey consultants to train on site, can save start-ups and growing businesses both money and time.
Companies with fewer than 500 employees represent one of the fastest-growing markets for, an online learning library with more than 1,450 video courses. “Small businesses are turning to online training for cost, quality, and access reasons,” says Nate Kimmons, vice president of enterprise marketing at “Gone are the days of sending employees off to a two-day, in-person class. Online training serves as a 24/7 resource that the learner can access any time  anywhere at their own pace from any device. Its simple to use.”
If you are thinking of trying online training, here are five things to consider and examples of tools to get you started
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