How to Roll Out a 1:1 iPad Programme

Girl with iPad

A middle school spent one term rolling out iPads.
In this article Jac de Haan describes their week by week approach, and reflects on the successes and challenges involved.
Week 1-2: No computers, just questions such as “Is technology good or bad?”
Week 2: Each child and their guardian/parent had to attend a session outlining the programme and their responsibilities.
Week 3: The basics of operation of the iPads is covered in class.
Week 4-5: IPad handed out for individual class use. Classes geared to iPad use.
Week 6-7: Students get to keep their iPad and take it with them from class to class. More advanced concepts of using the iPads is covered and projects continue to reinforce basic concepts.
Week 8: Students responsible for iPad all day, store them securely, take home at night and show up next day with the iPad fully charged.
Week 9: Students allowed to use their iPad as and when they think fit.
Full Text: How to Roll Out a 1:1 iPad Program | Edutopia.

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