How to … Improve Your Online Course Next Year

Online teaching is no different to face-to-face teaching with regards to ongoing improvements. There are things we can do better next time, or things we want to change.

The problem is, as time hurtles by, that we often forget what it was we wanted to change when review time comes round. 

So I suggest this simple solution to staff I work with.

hands typing


In your LMS create a hidden file (one that students can’t see) and keep your notes there. Write your notes as you go, week by week, or lesson by lesson.That way when you come to review your course for next year you will have a list of things to change. Or if you leave or are “run over by a bus” your colleagues will know what you felt needed changing.

Some people like to have a file in each week, alongside the material they are teaching, but I prefer just the one file (I keep mine at the top) as it’s easier to print or open just the one file.

A simple but effective solution.

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